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Maxine Poulin

Welcome to

the Parent support hub

Get support while parenting teens.


Join the FREE monthly subscription community.

Our subscription is designed to support parents raising teenagers with exclusive content.

If you are busy, and want to have access to a therapist's point of view at any point of the day, you have it! 

The monthly support membership gives you access to online parent groups, unlimited videos and articles of Maxine offering easy, step-by-step tools to solve most difficult situations parents meet while raising their teen.

With this monthly subscription, you'll receive weekly articles summarising important scientific research, along with tips and strategies to help you navigate through parenting challenges. You'll also have access to videos of Maxine teaching tools, as well as a chat group for parents to connect and give tips to each other.

More importantly, you'll have the possibility to join two online parent groups per month. Each group will have a specific topic to discuss and will give you the opportunity to directly ask questions to Maxine. 

You can join and cancel the monthly subscription anytime.

I can't wait to be part of your journey!

Order my Book
The Lighthouse, a guide to parenting teens.

Parents are very often left in a blur when it comes to knowing what is the best role they can play to support their teens.

This book is a stress reducing toolbox for helping parents support teens experiencing challenges, including anxiety and depression. You will learn to create a relationship filled with trust, communication and peace. You'll acquire the skills to lead your teens in discovering their identity and overcoming issues like anger or bullying.

Is there a greater satisfaction than knowing you have equipped your teen with tools to grow into a happy adult?

Book The Lighthouse, a guide to parenting teens.


My name is Maxine Poulin.

I am a licensed Mental Health Therapist in Alberta, Canada. 

I have a Master's Degree in Psychology and have been working with families and teens for the last 7 years.

I specialise in providing counselling to individuals aged from 10 to 25 years old, who are encountering problems such as anxiety, depression and other issues linked to teenage years.

What will you find on the Parent Support Hub?

-A blog with content to get strategies for parenting teens. Click to check it out.

-FREE subscription for parents looking for daily guidance on parenting teens. More info here.

-A book to guide you while parenting teens. More info here. 

-Content for teens needing support. Click to check it out. 

Let me teach you tools and strategies to implement at home, for you to support your teen and build a healthy relationship!

Maxine Poulin, Helping parents raise teens.

We are here to support you!

This website has for purpose to bring you tools to directly apply at home.


Here, you will find resources to gain guidance on specific problems you might be meeting with your teen. 

Organised in three different categories, this website has a parent section, a teen section, and a professional section, made to provide tools to solve different problems!

You are welcome to let your teen know of the resources available in the teen section. The information available there has for purpose to answer questions your teen might have about life.

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