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Welcome to

The parent support hub

Helping parents raise teenagers

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

"How can I help my teen that has anxiety?"

"How do I deal with my teen that doesn't seem to care?"

"How can I engage my teen who isn't motivated?"

"Why is my teen so difficult, and what can I do?"

How can I help my teen that is overwhelmed?"

"What can I do when my teen is rude to me?"

"How do I discipline my teen who is disrespectful?"

"How can I find a therapist for my teen?"

teenager teenager

I can help you!

Maxine Poulin

Licensed mental health therapist in Canada specialising in teens and families

"How can I build a good relationship with my teen?"

I will guide you through different topics such as:
Teens with anger
Teens with ADHD symptoms
Teens lying
Teens having high anxiety
Teens having depression or BPD
Teens not being able to sleep
Teens with phone addiction​
Teens not able to focus in school
Teens self-harming and being suicidal
Building a strong relationship with your teen​

How can you receive help?


Subscribe to get access to the membership area.

If you are busy, and want to have access to a therapist's point of view at any point of the day, you have it! 

The monthly support membership gives you access to:

              Videos and articles of Maxine offering easy, step-by-step tools to put in place at home.

Current topics discussed in the membership area offer strategies for parents when:

-Teens are lying

-Teens are overwhelmed

-Teens are addicted to their phones

-Teens are not able to sleep

-Teens are addicted to their phones

-Teens are angry and rude 

-When teens have anxiety

             Forum to chat with parents going through similar challenges.

            Online parent support groups to receive support on specific problems (see third step).

You can join for free and cancel anytime.

I can't wait for you to join!


Check out my book

Parents are very often left in a blur when it comes to knowing what is the best role they can play to support their teens.

This book is a stress reducing toolbox for helping parents support teens experiencing challenges, including anxiety and depression.


You will learn to create a relationship filled with trust, communication and peace. You'll acquire the skills to lead your teens in discovering their identity and overcoming issues like anger or bullying.

Is there a greater satisfaction than knowing you have equipped your teen with tools to grow into a happy adult?


Check out my parent online support groups.

Our online parent support groups were created and designed to answer your questions and gain a clear understanding of what you could implement at home.

Led by Maxine, each group is presented via zoom and focuses on a specific chosen topic communicated ahead of time, related to parenting teenagers, allowing you to gain valuable insights and strategies that you can apply in your own home.

You'll have access to groups through subscribing to the membership. Minimum two groups are planned monthly.

             What to expect:

Even though each group will discuss different topics, all groups will be based on the same model:

-Each group will be kept very small to allow time and space for participants.

-Each participant will submit questions to Maxine while filling the subscription form regarding the chosen topic. 

-Length of each group is 1h30 minutes: 30 minute presentation led by Maxine about the chosen topic explaining different strategies and tools to put in place and 1h of Maxine answering questions each participant might have regarding their specific situation.

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