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Working Together

Monthly subscription

Navigating the tricky world of parenting teenagers has never been easy - your child is changing faster than ever, and keeping up can feel like a never-ending task. 

Our FREE subscription provides parents with the tools and strategies they need to help their teens thrive. With exclusive access to articles, videos, and online parent groups, you'll have everything you need to face the unique challenges of raising a teenager.

Also included in the subscription, two online parent groups will be available for you to join monthly, to have the opportunity to directly discuss with Maxine and ask questions.

You can try out the membership and cancel at any time, but we're confident you'll find the personalised attention and supportive community you need.

What is included in the monthly membership?


-What can you do to soothe your teens anxiety?

-What can you do if your teen can't sleep?

-What can you do when your teen is overwhelmed?

-Should you put in place punishments?

-What can you do if you catch your teen lie?

-How can you communicate with your teen?

-How can you help your teen with ADHD symptoms?

-What can you do if your teen is addicted to their phone?

Topics currently discussed in the article and video section


Next groups:

-Help your teen when feeling overwhelmed or anxious, July 5th 2024

-Help your teen with ADHD symptoms, July 9th 2024

-Support your transgender teen, july 11th 2024

-Help your teen not be addicted to their phone, july 23rd 2024

What to expect:

Even though each group will discuss different topics, all groups will be based on the same model:

-Each group will be kept very small to allow time and space for participants.

-Each participant will submit questions to Maxine while filling the subscription form regarding the chosen topic. 

-Length of each group is 1h30 minutes: 30 minute presentation led by Maxine about the chosen topic, explaining different strategies and tools to put in place and 1h of Maxine answering questions each participant might have regarding their specific situation.

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