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Why do many teens nowadays feel depressed?

Teenage years can often be chaotic, marked by a whirlwind of hormonal changes, academic pressures, social dynamics, and self-discovery.

For many adolescents, this phase becomes an ideal ground for depression due to numerous factors.

The search of self, coupled with the desire to fit in and be accepted, can lead to feelings of inadequacy and isolation when expectations aren't met.

Many parents share: 'my teen feels depressed, what should I do?'

teen feel depressed

First let's take the time to understand why many teenagers feel depressed. The new generation is met with a problematic that no other generation has ever had to meet before:

Teens nowadays have an unlimited selection of possibilities and choices to choose for themselves.

Today, teens can choose to be however they want to become, with very little limitations.

When building their future, teens can decide to work and live anywhere in the world, do whatever job they want to, change legal name and even change gender.

These possibilities are of course extremely positive and open many doors and prospects for teens to become the adults they want to become.


These endless possibilities are very often perceived as overwhelming and chaotic by teens.

What can parents do to help teens?

-Allow teens to do as many activities as possible to explore the world and discover who they are.

-Guide teens by breaking all big overwhelming steps into small simple steps.

-Build healthy parent/teen attachment for teens to not face the world alone. Learning how to build attachment is more explained in my other blog posts, or in my book called "The lighthouse, A guide to parenting teens".

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